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Magellan Science is a non-profit that supports programs to advance science and technology in elementary, middle, and high school systems.  Our current focus is with several public, charter and private schools in Wake County, North Carolina.  We hope to expand our focus to the greater Research Triangle Park area of North Carolina in future years.

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Magellan LEGO Robotics Education

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LEGO Robotics education teaches students grades 4-8th how to design, build and program robots based on the LEGO Spike Prime kit through two 2-week summer camp programs, covering introductory, intermediate and advanced topics.

These courses available to public, charter, private and home schools, with preference given to students attending the Magellan Charter school.

Magellan Robotics - FIRST LEGO League (FLL)

Volunteers coach FLL teams which participate in the FLL regional, state and international challenges.  Volunteers also coach individual groups that work on the FLL tasks.


Recent Story:

Magellan Mariners - Wharf Rats Going to World Festival

January 17, 2015

The Magellan Charter School robotic team the Wharf Rats competed in the First Lego League (FLL)North Carolina State tournament at NC A&T University in Greensboro NC. Their competitors were 56 other qualifying teams throughout the state from November regional meets.


The Wharf Rats perennially field a very competitive team in FLL events. This year’s entry was no exception, with the team winning several awards at local and regional tournaments. The State championships offered new challenges, which the Wharf Rats eagerly accepted. They realized that it would take a big time commitment to compete with the best the state had to offer. In addition to meeting two days a week after school, several team members met a few times over winter break to work on solidifying their robot runs. In January, the entire team broke into smaller task teams to concentrate on each of the four areas of the 2014 World Class Challenge: Robot Performance, Core Values, a Research Project and Robot Design. While every team member is a contributor to each area, they took a ‘divide and conquer’ approach so that each area would be adequately addressed prior to the state competition.

Finally, the day of the state competition arrived!

In the morning were the judging sessions for Core Values, Robot Design and Research Project. The team was confident in the work they had done, but also a bit anxious too. Could they adequately communicate these things they worked so hard on to the judges?

After the judging sessions, the team was more relaxed and focused on their robot performance runs. Their first practice runs went very well, and were very encouraging. After lunch, a parade of all the event teams preceded the competition runs. The Wharf Rats had some technical difficulties with their first robot run, and their robot performance score was well under what they knew they were capable of. After a ‘bad’ round one, they were still in 3rd place with a robot performance score of 305.

Between rounds, the boys made a few minor tweaks to the robot programs, and the second round brought new optimism. This time, the Wharf Rats had a pretty good run and came away with a score of 514 which vaulted them into first place. The third run was similar, with a score of 510. Those last two Wharf Rats runs were the top overall at the competition for the day, so there was little drama when the robot performance award was announced in the closing ceremony.

After announcing the various individual awards for project, core values and robot design, the Champions awards were announced. The Champions award is given to the teams that demonstrate proficiency in all of the different areas of the competition. The

highest honor, the first place overall Champions Award was given to the Wharf Rats! With the Champions Award, the Wharf Rats received a bid to compete at the World Festival this spring in St. Louis, MO. They will join 107 other teams at this international event, which represents over 200,000 children who participated in the 1,000 + qualifying and championship tournaments worldwide during this past year.

Good luck Wharf Rats, and represent North Carolina well!

The Wharf Rats, mentors and coaches



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Recent News:  

Magellan Wharf Rats - 2015 World Festival       

Magellan Mariners - Wharf Rats participate in the 2015 World Festival. 

It was an international affair this past weekend in St. Louis Missouri.   Teams from Jordan, Israel, Brazil, England, France, South Africa, Germany, Lebanon, Iceland, Japan, China and our own Magellan Mariners – Wharf Rats robotic team competed in the FLL World Tournament this past weekend.   The top 110 robotic teams out of twenty thousand teams from around the world were invited to the world tournament.


It was stiff competition with some very impressing robots.  After some final adjustments during practice rounds, the Wharf Rat robot performed well earning their highest score of 729.  After the research, core value, and robotic design judging, the robotic design Judges honored our team by stopping by our booth to speak to the team to learn more about their design.

During the competition round, they earned an impressive score of 518 placing them in the top third at 28th in the world!

It was an exciting time for the Wharf Rats who represented North Carolina and Magellan to the world.        

Congratulations to all the teams.  It is an honor to be there!               


Magellan Mariners-Wharf Rats Take 1st Place Performance and 1st Place Champion Award

The Magellan Mariners Wharf Rats and Scurvy Dogs from The Magellan Charter School participated in the North Carolina First Lego League in Greensboro, NC Saturday January 17th, 2015.  It was an exciting day at the NC State tournament on Saturday.  Even after some technical difficulties in round one, the Wharf Rats held 3rd place and the Scurvy Dogs held 10thplace.  Both teams came roaring back in the second and third rounds with the Scurvy Dogs earning 4th place and the Wharf Rats 1st place.  At the awards ceremony, the Wharf Rats won 1st place Performance and the highest honor the 1stplace Champions Award which earns them a slot at the World Tournament.  Teams from all over North Carolina participated in this event allowing teams to met each other and share their experience and cheer on each other.    

Check Out:  MakerCamp for fun summer building projects.

2012 World Festival

Magellan Mariners - Wharf Rats participate in the 2012 World Festival.  They had the chance to meet other students from around the world!  At the event, they received the 1st Place Innovation & Strategy Award for their robust robot design and advanced programming.  During the practice rounds their robotic performance score was ranked 2nd with a 10th ranking during final rounds.  The team was very pleased with their performance. 

The also were asked if several local teams could stop by to see their robot.  The team welcomed them and showed them how they do multiple tasks in a single run.

Congratulations to all the teams.  It is an honor to be there!

2012 NC State Tournament

The Magellan Mariners, Wharf Rats and Scurvy Dogs particpated in the 2012 NC State Torunement.  The Wharf Rats earnd a wopping 289 points!  The Scurvy Dogs earned top honors with the third highest robotic performance score!  The Scurvy Dogs also received an honorable mention award for programming.

The Wharf Rats won the 1st Place Performance Award and the 1st Place Champions Award, earning them the right to go onto the World Championship where they will compete against teams from all over the world.

Congratulations to both Magellan Mariner robotic teams!

The Magellan Science Festival has become the NC Science Challenge

Learn more at:

NC Science Challenge

From 2009 Fall FLL

Magellan Mariners earn the first 400 perfect score in NC History wining 1st place performance and 1st place teamwork at NC Regionals.

Magellan Mariners Warf Rats and Scurvey Dogs Video

Magellan Mariners wish the Microbots success at the US Open in Dayton, OH.

Microbots/Magellan Mariners

Microbots Share Magellan Mariner Story

Microbots/Magellan Mariners

 Mariners in the News

null From 2008 Fall NC FLL Young Engineers-to-be Build LEGO Robots - Video 

Saturday, 06 Dec 2008, 8:20 PM EST GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) – Better engineering through LEGOs plastic blocks was the goal at the Greensboro Coliseum Saturday. North Carolina A&T State University's College of Engineering hosted the fifth annual LEGO League Championship. Eighty teams of ten faced the mission of building a robot that could perform tasks.


Magellan Mariners Take 1st Place Performance and 1st Place Robotic Design

From 2008 Fall NC FLL>

Two teams, Magellan Mariners and Magellan Mariners Too, from The Magellan Charter School participated in the North Carolina First Lego League in Greensboro, NC Saturday December 6th.  The Magellan Mariners earn the first place performance for the tournament’s high score of 305.  The Magellan Mariners Too, a first year team, earned a performance score that put them in 6th place.  Teams from all over North Carolina participated in this event allowing teams to met each other and share their experience and cheer on each other. 

Gracious Professionalism - The Magellan Charter School hosts Home School Team 

In the spirit of gracious professionalism, Magellan Charter School host a first year home schooled FLL team from Raleigh, NC.  The team, composed on 6 students, joined us in our own mini-tournament.  The Magellan students shared their insights into the Climate Connection game challenge.  As a first year team, observing a more experienced team provided many learning’s about the game and the FLL program.

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