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FLL Information

Goal and Philosophy

We strive to provide scientific, engineering and computer programming activities that are appropriate for a wide range of children with consideration given to their individual readiness and abilities.  We believe that all children are good, bright, and capable and will positively contribute in their own way as adults.  As adults it is our responsibility to identify the correct activities that help them develop to their fullest potential and at a pace appropriate for each child. 

F.I.R.S.T. LEGO League (FLL) Competition Description

The FLL program is a friendly competitive team based challenge that incorporates the concept of   gracious professionalism.   Individual teams of  4-10 children work together to design, build and program a single autonomous robot that can earn point by completing predefined tasks in two and a half minutes.  Each team can only bring one robot to the competition table with a predefined number of electronic parts and unlimited general LEGO parts.  The team members work together to design and build their highest scoring robot. 

In addition to the robotic performance, the children are judged on technical knowledge, team work, and a research project.  During the team work judging, the children are interviewed by friendly judges who inquire about how their team worked together, solved problems together, how decision were made and how they dealt with different opinions.  They are often given a task to perform together so that the judges can observe team dynamics.  During the Technical Review, the children must articulate their technical knowledge about their robot design and computer program.  The last part is the Research Project is based on the technology theme of the competition which is different each year.  Examples of previous themes are Nanotechnology, Ocean Exploration, and Technology for Disability Access.  Students visit companies and universities to learn about these technological areas.  Students not on full competition teams are welcome to join all visits.

The competition board and theme is provided in early September and the competition is usually in Mid-December and is held at the Greensboro Coliseum.  Approximately 100 teams from all over the state compete during an all day festival.  Many 1st and 2nd place awards are given to the teams in areas such as performance, robotic design, best program, against all odds, team spirit, etc.  The highest honor is the Champion/Director award which gives the winning team an invitation to participate in a 3 day international festival (competition) typically held in April at the Georgia Dome/Georgia Congress Center.   This is a great experience, requires significant work by the children and typically costs each participant about $500-$1,000 for registration, travel, hotel and food.  If this opportunity occurs, we request the attendance of a parent with the child.

Watch the short FLL Video to learn and see more what FLL is all about.

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